Wondering how you could be of more help during the pandemic? cM reached out to 5 NGOs that are working tirelessly during this lockdown period.

Youth Feed India and The SAFA Initiative:

Location : Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bengaluru and North Karnataka

Due to the lockdown, the most affected have been the daily wage workers who are without wage or government relief  and therefore, are unable to provide for their families. The situation would only worsen since the lockdown may not be lifted any time soon. Even if the government issues relief packages, these workers will not get the money immediately.

Youth Feed India is a movement started by a group of young informed citizens from the private sector in partnership with the SAFA Society, a society doing positive work for the past two decades in India. They have been doing an extraordinary job for the past month, to feed the HUNGRY across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai & North Karnataka.

Objective: To distribute essential kits that would last a family for a week. Each packet costs 500-550 including packaging. They have successfully distributed over 5,60,000 meal packages across these cities and raised funds of about Rs 50,00,000. They are targeting distribution of over 25,20,000 meal equivalents across the country with a budget of over 3 crore.

What you could do: Due to the health and safety regulations they are only accepting donations at the moment and discourage common people to volunteer directly.

Contact: @youthfeedindiaofficial

Donate: https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-safa-society

MCKS Food for the Hungry:

Location : Delhi / NCR

MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation Delhi, is a non-profit organisation started in 2005. Infused with Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings, the foundation looks to be the force bringing about the change in and around us. They affect the lives of people in a tangible way; reaching out with food to the hungry and empowering them with skills to move from despair to hope.

In the midst of the on-going pandemic, social distancing is a luxury that India’s informal workforce of 450 million cannot afford. With the government lockdown order and inadequate state provisions for food distribution, several families are sleeping hungry – in their homes, stranded at railway stations or state borders. The team is working with government authorities and the police to feed the underprivileged at this time.

Objective: They have increased the capacity at the MCKS’ Kitchen by 12x and delivered 4,00,000+ cooked meals during this time. They have also distributed 4 lakh meals in the form of dry ration to those who don’t have access to the feeding points. They were able to scale up overnight by setting up a satellite kitchen, hiring more utensils, transportation and manpower. They are also distributing packaged fruit buns, bread, rusk and biscuits (over 3,00,000 packets).

Daily, they identify localities where people don’t have food and are hungry. The authorities have also been key in helping them distribute the food and in ensuring that the community practices social distancing. They are looking to raise funds to ensure that no one goes hungry during the lockdown.

What you could do: Due to the health and safety regulations they are only accepting donations at the moment and discourage common people to volunteer directly.

Contact: @mcksfood

Donate: http://mcksfood.com/covid19

Karan Puri Foundation:

Location: New Delhi

The entire country is in lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic and the animals on the streets who rely on small restaurants, passers-by and trash are left to fend for themselves.

Karan Puri Foundation is a registered trust working for the welfare of stray animals. Its a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating stray animals and providing them medical aid.

Objective: The foundation has stepped up and has managed to take care of over 300-350 dogs since the lock down started. They have increased the amount of food they cook and have employed additional help to cook and distribute food. They also provide food to nearby volunteers who want to help: they cook over 200 kgs of food every day to feed all the hungry strays.

They need help in continuing their efforts towards making sure the animals make it through the Covid19 pandemic in the city, by increasing the number of strays under their wing as well as provide food and supplies to other volunteers who are dedicated to the cause but are unable to do so, due to the lack of funds and other resources.

What you could do: You could help them by donating funds, resources like food / utensils or simply provide them your services by volunteering in your locality and keep them informed about strays in need of food and medical aid close by.

Contact: @karan_puri_foundation

+9198105 77560

Donate: https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-karan-puri-foundation

PAWS India:

Location: Mumbai and nearby districts

PAWS (Plants & Animals Welfare Society) India, is a non-profit organisation that has been working tireless for the past two decades in and around Mumbai to safeguard animals and trees. They have a rescue centre for strays and also work as a network to connect donors with individual volunteers who are dedicated to the cause. Over the years, they have collaborated with celebrities and influencers to raise awareness among the masses.

Objective: PAWS has over 200 volunteers feeding and providing medical aid to strays in Mumbai and nearby districts like Thane, Karjat, Kharghar, Virar etc. They function as a network, connecting donors to volunteers working for the cause and supply food for the strays directly to their homes. They also feed pets in farmhouses in areas like Thane, Karjat, Kharghar and Virar since the owners are in lockdown in the city and are unable to do the needful.

What you could do: PAWS is open for donations as well as individual volunteers, they are specifically looking for volunteers in the outskirts of Mumbai who can feed strays in Thane, Karjat, Kharghar, Virar etc and can supply food to the pets isolated in farmhouses. They also need volunteers to help them with their social media accounts to create awareness and promote the cause.

Contact: @paws_india


Donate: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/our-furry-friends-need-help?payment=form

The Anubis Tiger Foundation:

Location:  Mumbai

The Anubis -Tiger Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation created solely to provide a safe home for rescued, abandoned and abused dogs. They have rehabilitated over 155 dogs in just the past 1 year. During the lockdown they are working not just to feed the strays but also proving an ideal shelter for the dogs they have rescued. They are dedicated towards nursing abused dogs back to health and finding a suitable home for them.

Objective: Anubis Tiger Foundation works round the clock towards the welfare of strays, feeding them and providing them medical aid. They have rescued and rehabilitated 23 dogs during the lockdown period itself.  They aim at creating a foster care system that is clean, safe, cheap and healthy. They have taken on additional responsibility of feeding strays in various areas of Mumbai like Powai, Filterpada, Thane Hiranandani estate Mankhurd and Western Express Colony beyond Mankhurd, during this lockdown period – they have taken the onus of feeding 250 dogs and 45 cats in these areas. Due to the lack of resources at this time, they are in need of funds and other supplies to help them in this pursuit.

What you could do: You could help them with a donation, or simply adopt one of the rescued dogs – they have all been thoroughly examined and vaccinated. Additionally, you could volunteer by keeping them informed about the strays in your vicinity in urgent need of food or medical aid.

Contact: @theanubistigerfoundation


Donate: http://anubistigerfoundation.com/donation/

The above writing and images have been sourced from a Currentmood article where anubistigerfoundation was mentioned. Link Below

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